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Gas Package Heat Pumps

Gas package heat pumps provide all of your heating and cooling equipment in one unit. Popular for both businesses and houses, these roof-mounted systems contain a full AC system and a gas furnace. In the winter, this system serves as a gas furnace. In the summer, the same system can be used as high-powered air conditioner. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating specializes in these versatile systems.

Gas Package Heat Pump Emergency Repair

If your gas package heat pump fails in the summer, you’ll experience increasingly unbearable temperatures, similar to any other AC unit failure. However, if your gas package heat pump dies in the winter, your home temperatures will drop to dangerous lows. Both temperature extremes are dangerous—you need to address gas package heat pump failure immediately. Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating for a 24/7 emergency repair.

Gas Package Heat Pump Installation

Since a gas package heat pump serves as a hybrid heating and cooling unit, upgrading to one can replace an outdated heating system, cooling system, or both. The convenience of these dual units makes them an increasingly popular upgrade choice for Arizona homeowners. Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating for a free estimate on gas package heat pump installation for your home.

Gas Package Heat Pump Tuneup

Like any other traditional system, heating tuneups and cooling tuneups are necessary to ensure your gas package heat pump runs at peak condition. A One Hour tuneup doesn’t just keep your gas package heat pump running—it keeps it running at maximum energy efficiency. This means that you’ll prevent breakdowns while saving on your monthly energy bill.